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In a land divided by politics and blood, peace rests on a knifes edge… The land of Ásaterra, once a powerful empire, was divided by civil war nearly a hundred years ago. Now the land is governed by an uneasy alliance between four factions, who rule Ásaterra through the High Council, containing one representative of each faction. There is a semblance of peace and cooperation in order to maintain a united front against any neighbouring countries, ready to swoop down at any show of weakness. However, old wounds run deep and there is still deep distrust between several of the factions.

You are part of the High Council's Expeditionary Force. Created as a show of unity between the factions, you are sent on high profile missions to demonstrate the stability of the government. Your task is to protect your country from threats, inside and out, while restraining yourself from throttling your 'comrades' from the other factions. Interested? Click here for a message from the Expeditionary Force Taskmaster.

Complete your missions, protect Ásaterra and above all, do NOT start another civil war...

What is Four Pillars?

We are a small High Fantasy LARP system, which originated at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2013. Our LARP involves a mixture of combat and politics, and offers opportunities for combatants and non-combatants alike. For more information on our events, see our website here.

How To Use This Wiki

On this wiki you can find both in character information and out of character information. The out of character information can predominantly be found in the section entitled 'The Game'. These articles are designed to help you create your character, understand the game itself, and to explain what has happened at previous events. The in character articles contain common information that anyone from Ásaterra or the surrounding countries could feasibly know, or look up with relative ease. This information is believed to be true by the majority of the people of this world. You may, in game, discover information which contradicts what is commonly believed to be true, or which offers a different interpretation of events.

The Game The Factions The Provinces
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An introduction to LARP and the rules of Four Pillars; get to know our games team and discover tips on character creation, costume and conduct. There are four political factions that govern Ásaterra, held together in an uneasy truce. Learn about the unique geographies and cultures of the provinces and territories of Ásaterra.
Species The Land of Ásaterra The Wider World
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There are nine different species which inhabit the world; learn about them here. Learn about the history, religion, laws, culture and notable figures of Ásaterra. Find out about the different species and languages of Four Pillars and the lands beyond Ásaterra.

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Players, Monsters and Refs; the aftermarth of 'Prologue'